Don’t you have that “Someone” who always stood by you and you fail to take care of that relationship because you made loads of mistakes maintaining it? Here, the “Someone” we are referring is not your Girlfriend, Boyfriend or, Better Halves; we are talking about your car. Just as human relationships, your car maintenance is not something you can neglect and expect to live without any consequences. To make right choices regarding maintenance of your car these three common mistakes you should Stop Making Now:

  1. Choosing price over quality:
    There is a saying “You get what you pay for”. Don’t expect the best quality auto repair service if you are reluctant to pay low for your car care. Likewise, if your car has a brake problem doesn’t mean only the brake disks needed adjustments. There is always additional works with it. Now, if you are up to pay less, a mechanic will give you what you are paying for which is only the changed brakes without any prior servicing. It definitely results you come again to the mechanic after few days. Hence, if you are really cautious about saving your money, spend it wisely on quality automotive repair which will save your money in the long run.
  2.  Not having a Good Mechanic you trust:
    Maintaining a relationship with your partner is not as easy as we think it is. Even the best one needs advice from someone experienced. In automotive world, this someone is your mechanic. You have to have a mechanic who is best at his work and is trustworthy. Now, we hear the same question “How will I know who is the best mechanic near me?” The answer is checking out the online reviews, look for the best car repair shops, talk to your close ones, and look for recommendation from Automotive Service Excellence or other industry groups.
    Let’s talk about the “Trust” part now. Trusting your mechanic is important because it will save the opportunity cost of switching over and over again. Also it will filter those shady ones. So, know your mechanic, trust them and stick with them. You will get the best advices of your life.
  3. Avoiding minor issues:
    In your affair, you tend to avoid minor glitches thinking that what damage these can cause. But these issues can get big enough to destroy the relationship. Same thing goes with your car. To illustrate this, an air filter costs $20 to replace, if not, a dirty filter can damage the oxygen sensor costing $250 in replacement. As to err is human, you even neglect the damaged sensor and wind up with a bill of $1000 for changing the catalytic converter.

In brief, these human errors can create catastrophe in your car maintenance and push your car down the road. Not only using the best auto repair shop but also being aware of these common mistakes can protect the car you cherish & value.