Not Driving As Much? It’s Even More Important to Be Servicing Your Car

By September 28, 2021 No Comments

Public transport and ride-share options in Brisbane are decreasing the need to use your own vehicle to get where you need to go. Maybe you are now using a combination of public transport and your own car in your daily commute to and from work? Or maybe you have begun working from home more often and don’t drive as much anymore? With less frequent driving or driving for shorter periods each day, some car owners are delaying getting their car serviced because they feel they don’t need to. However, that’s even more of a reason to get your car serviced.

For Your Oil
Although petrol is what powers the engine, oil is the lifeblood of your car. Maintaining your car oil is a simple and important step to prolonging the life of your vehicle.

When you don’t drive your car regularly, the oil that’s sitting in your engine can deteriorate due to the fluctuations in temperature. Talking to your auto service specialist, if you are someone who drives less, they can suggest switching from a distance-based oil change schedule to a time-based one. The oil left sitting in your engine can also start to develop impurities and metal fragments which could lead to more engine wear. Getting a complete oil change is highly recommended and AVR Automotive has hassle-free oil maintenance and replacement service.

For Your Wheels
When you don’t drive your car often, and your car sits for a long period of time, the wheels often suffer as a result. Tyres can lose their inflation and pressure which can impact other parts of the vehicle. As the tyres deflate, this can put stress on the wheel axle too. Impacts to the axle mean next time you head in for a service, you might need steering and suspension repairs or replacements.

Not servicing your car can not only be costly but risky too. You could be driving with worn or loose brakes which could put you in danger in wet weather.

Trained technicians servicing your vehicle can provide advice on the tread and wear of your tyres and let you know when you need to replace these, so you don’t run into issues on difficult terrain or unexpected weather conditions.

Unexpected Issues
Regular car servicing should never be undervalued. Multiple studies have shown that there is a growing number of drivers who attempt to save a bit of money by missing scheduled car maintenance. However, the more frequent you service your vehicle, the less likely you are to be caught out by surprise costs.

Regular servicing can reduce the wear and tear that accumulates in your car over time. All the components of a car, from the engine to the air conditioner, to the wheels, all can suffer from unnecessary stress. Bringing in a car for service can mean all these moving parts are well lubricated, maintained and repaired.

Don’t Get Caught Out and Avoid Breakdowns
When you neglect or forget to service your car, the worst thing that can happen could happen at the worst time. Something that might’ve been identified as a small issue during service, if ignored or neglected can lead to a much bigger problem and then hit you when you least expect it.

Think of servicing a car with the following comparison:
Would you rather be slightly inconvenienced by dropping your car in for a service?
Or, would you rather be majorly inconvenienced when your car breaks down and all you want to do is get where you need to go?

So to avoid breaking down on a remote road or having trouble starting your car trying to get to work on time for that meeting, make sure you get your car checked regularly. AVR Automotive is a team of skilled technicians with a commitment to high-quality maintenance and upkeep of vehicles during service. This means they are constantly looking for solutions to diagnose and prevent vehicle issues before they become a problem. Be sure to book in with the best Brendale mechanics for a top quality check.

In summary, aside from the potential safety risks that leaving your vehicle unserviced can bring, the longer you leave your car unserviced, the more likely you are to incur more costs later on. Make sure even when you aren’t driving as much, that you are regularly servicing your car.